Best of Kickstarter, 10/31

We scoured the pages of Kickstarter to bring you this week’s best projects. Have a great Kickstarter project of your own or see one you think deserves some extra attention? Let us know about it the comments and we may just feature it in our weekly roundup.

Grilled Cheesus: We could all use a few more miracles, right? Thankfully there’s “Grilled Cheesus,” a new sandwich press from Rob Corso and Meg Sheehan that brings the Lord to your lunch hour with a grill plate made to look like Jesus’ smiling visage. Now all we need is some Christ’s Ketchup and we’ll be set.

Almost-Instant Weather Prediction: I get pretty grumpy when I responsibly check the weather report in the morning only to be caught in an unforeseen downpour later in the day (and inevitably shell out $12 for a cheap umbrella that lasts two avenues). But a nifty new app called “Dark Sky,” could make this sad, soggy scenario a thing of the past – at least for iPad owners – by making super accurate, short-term weather predictions using GPS.

The Hot Tub Dialogues: If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a professional blogger and Internet reader, it’s that people are really into hot tubs, which is why Kansas City’s Subterranean Gallery is brilliant to host its next lecture series from within a piping hot jacuzzi. Not only will guests hear speakers’ candid views on contemporary art, but they’ll also get to check out their body hair situation.

Earth Camp One: Director Jennie Livingston, who took home Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize for her documentary PARIS IS BURNING, is taking to Kickstarter to fund her next project, EARTH CAMP ONE. Described as an exploration “of loss, impermanence and a hippie summer camp in the 1970s,” I’m betting this is will be a real tear-jerker (heck, I was sniffling during the thirty second excerpt).

Ten Horse Art Space: Pop-up book artist Robert Sabuda purchased an old horse barn in New York’s Hudson Valley with the intention of turning it into a series of artist workshops and studio spaces, complete an exhibition space. Estimating the entire renovation process at just $15,000, even small contributions would make a big difference.