Best of Kickstarter, 10/24

We scoured the pages of Kickstarter to bring you this week’s best projects. Have a great Kickstarter project of your own or see one you think deserves some extra attention? Let us know about it the comments and we may just feature it in our weekly roundup.


Imagined Cities: Architecture collective Hither Yon is calling for images of intimate and inspiring spaces (be it the house where you grew up or the church your parents were married in), which they will then manipulate and re-attach to form a “hybrid” city. From these renderings, the collective plans to create a three-dimensional model of the unusual metropolis for display in a Berlin gallery.

Labyrinth Garden in Providence, RI: A magical, secret garden type of space proposed for an empty parking lot in Providence, Rhode Island, promises to be a special spot for locals. Taking the form of a labyrinth, the garden will house pockets of medicinal herbs and local plants.


Asian-inspired baked goods from “Filled With Sweets”: Terry Chen’s New York-based baking company, Filled With Sweets, whips up traditional sugary treats with an unusual Taiwanese twist. I’m not usually one for cupcake bandwagoning, but these particular cakes sound unbelievably delicious. Honey jasmine, anyone?


Floating Keyboard for your iPad: My iPad-owning friends will often complain about typing difficulties and constant typos (to which I say, “duh”), but a new gizmo designed by James Stumpf addresses the issue with a panel of “levitating” keys, which better facilitate typing for people more accustomed to traditional keyboards. An attachment at the back also serves as a handy iPad screen mount.


Papa Piñata: It’s hard to determine from the preview video whether this dark comedy from director Andrew Furtado will actually be any good, but I’m a little bit in love with its tag-line: “The story of a boy with an abusive father, who also happens to be a piñata.” As Furtado’s project description points out, Papa Piñata’s dual identity leads to severe confusion and emotional trauma for the child, particularly at birthday parties.