Art Buzz: Warhol gets his own app and Tom Sachs goes to Mars

No time to scan all the blogs in your Google Reader? Never fear! We’ve rounded up the five art world happenings that have bloggers and gallery-goers buzzing this week.

Tintype Photography: San Francisco photographer Michael Shindler is reviving the lost art of tin-type photography with his new portrait studio, Photobooth. Charging just $50-$80 a pop, subjects have to sit perfectly still while Shindler takes the exposures. For photography lovers, this is probably the coolest way to see what you would have looked like in one of those spooky, Civil War-era portraits.

Atom Fables: Folks in NYC this week should high-tail to the “Atom Fables” exhibit at the Highline, which includes a live performance/installation by filmmaker Laleh Khorramian and composer Shahzad Ismaily. With plenty of thrashing dance, trippy tunes and psychedelic visuals, the project promises to be a welcome dose of un-reality.

Yayoi Kusama in Paris: And speaking of psychedelic, 82-year-old pop artist and sculptor Yayoi Kusama is still keeping busy crafting massive, groovy interiors after fifty years in the biz. This week, a retrospective of her playful, polka-dotted creations opens at Paris’ Pompidou Centre.

Tom Sachs on Mars: This spring, the Park Avenue Armory – a palatial venue in uptown New York – will play host to Tom Sachs’ latest experiment, “SPACE PROGRAM 2.0: Mars.” Complete with a homemade Martian landscape, various spacecraft, a mission control center and exploratory vehicles, Sachs and his team of thirteen wonderful weirdos will try to simulate all aspects of a Martian launch during the month-long exhibit, executing daily projects and conditioning rituals in front of a live audience.

Warhol Goes Digital: Warhol would doubtless “be a Mac,” were he alive today, and I bet he would’ve particularly liked having his very own iPhone app to peruse at his leisure. Now, fans can flip through the complete works of Warhol along with exclusive video and audio interviews in a new app from the Andy Warhol Museum.