Archive of classic video game title screens

Interactive designer Cameron Askin created this impressive online archive of the title screens of video games from the pixelated 8- and 16-bit era, preserved as .gif images. Looking at the animation back then, which used to blow my mind as a kid, it’s wild to see how far computing power and video games have come over the past couple of decades. When I was in elementary school, I begged my (conservative) parents to let me rent Double Dragon for our new Nintendo game system. It was the latest and hottest game on the playground. My mom saw about ten minutes of it before declaring that it was too violent. In retrospect, the actual “violence” depicted was no more graphic than Duck Hunt. It’s particularly quaint compared to the realism in today’s shooter and action games. If Duck Hunt was remade today, a player would have the option of going hunting with a high powered semi-automatic military rifle with a laser scope, extended magazine, and the ability to call in a drone attack: the NRA would be so happy.