Ai Weiwei's Google+ Profile

Earlier this summer I blogged about Ai Weiwei’s exhibition at the Asia Society. He’s one of my favorite contemporary artists and the collection of photographs he snapped during his time in New York City in the 1980s is incredible. More incredible still: you can now browse many of his pictures from that era on his Google+ page. I was excited, but not surprised, to discover that this world renowned artist had an account on a social networking site. He’s long been active in social media in China, where his political (and critical) voice has earned the ire of the government, as well as two month imprisonment earlier this year.

Nonetheless, his openness and resistance to censorship has also earned him widespread grassroots support within China and on the international stage. He walks the talk with his art, too, which quite often have that wow-factor that appeals to art world elites as well as the weekend museum tourist. I’ve observed that there’s always a sense of humor to his work, even if it’s often bittersweet. Browsing through his photos on Google+, I found further evidence of his playful wit, as seen in the above jumping photo and others. As a fine connoisseur of jumping pictures this photo speaks to my heart. It inspires me. I’d like to create a photo collection of famous artists jumping.

If you want to learn more about WeiWei, check out this recent must-see Frontline documentary on him.

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