Woody Allen having fun at The Met

I absolutely love this photograph taken of Woody Allen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Ruth Orkin in 1963 for so many reasons. How do I love thee? Let me blog the ways.

1. After reverently staring at a painting or sculpture and then idiotically mimicking them for a photo is 99% of the reason why my friends and I enjoy going to museums. It’s good to see that this practice has a lineage that predates the Internet and irresistible even to famous directors and photographers.

2. When I used to live in Brooklyn, my favorite pizza joint (seriously, the best grandma slice in all of the tri-state area is at Tomato & Basil in Park Slope) had this famous photograph “American Girl in Italy,” by Ruth Orkin hanging on its wall. I always enjoyed looking at it while waiting for my slice to heat up. Also, after eight years of living in New York City, this Alaskan-raised boy now orders a slice of cheese pizza as “let-me-getta-slice-a-regula’.” And I can’t believe I now comfortably refer to an entire pizza as a “pie.”

3. Woody Allen. Sure, he has his detractors, just like any successful or prominent person, but I have a lot of love for his films – a relatively recent phenomenon for me. Over the past year, I’ve been binge viewing his catalog of work and I can’t get enough of it: the pacing, the hyper-neurotic intellectual dialogue and (sigh) the romanticism.