What's playing this week on Sundance Channel

If you missed the block of films we screened on the Sundance Channel this past weekend, don’t worry – you’ve got the rest of the month to get with the program. In fact, you can start tonight with PVC-1, a festival favorite (it swept up a boat load of awards, including one at Cannes and the Bangkok International Film Festival), shot in real time and based on the true story of a woman who was turned into a human bomb. Then stay tuned for our Hollwouldn’t double-feature: LE DIVORCE and HADEWIJCH.

But don’t go away so quickly! Come on back and join us tomorrow night for PICTURE ME, the documentary that goes behind the scenes and gets the skinny on the not-so-glam world of high fashion modeling. On Saturday catch the short, 47 minute documentary HEARTS AND CRAFTS, which pays homage to the artisans behind the scenes at Hermès. Then we switch our focus and go late night with A L’AVENTURE, the story of Sandrine, who goes from sexually unsatisfied to, umm, quite the opposite.

It all wraps up on Sunday, first with our Green block, featuring the Morgan Freeman-narrated documentary WHERE THE WATER MEETS THE SKY. Set in a remote town in northern Zambia, a group of women learn how to make a film, giving a demographic (poor, African women) that rarely gets the opportunity to speak out the chance to share their voice with the world. Tune it to see what they say, and then stick around for our Sunrated Sunday night special, TENDERNESS, starring Laura Dern and Russell Crowe (and his mustache), who plays a cop trying to track down a teenager who may or may not have murdered his family.

Then get some rest, because we’re not stopping. Check back here on Monday to what you’ll be watching next week.