Weekly movie trailer roundup: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as bike super hero and cancer survivor

What’s up with actors doing double duty in the movies this Fall? First it was George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig and now Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in two films that couldn’t be more different. In the scattered, disconnected mess that is the PREMIUM RUSH trailer, I gather he plays some kind of fixed gear fanatic, the kind of guy you meet at a party and all he can talk about is how his bike is fixed in one gear all the time and doesn’t have brakes! (The kind of guy, btw, one meets all too often living in Brooklyn.) But Gordon-Levitt doesn’t play your average bike messenger; He’s more like a bike messenger superhero, his super power being delivering packages by taking the most dangerous, complicated and taxi-clogged routes. According to the movie, bike messengers treat all their deliveries like ticking time bombs, barreling through streets, tire-hopping off moving vehicles and skidding to sudden stops. It looks like Gordon-Levitt gets hit by a car, like, four times in this trailer. All while trying to save a cute girl (aka Cho Chan from HARRY POTTER) from a crime she didn’t mean to commit! What a stud!

But before he can pop a wheelie in the name of justice, he gets cancer in 50/50. Don’t worry, he recovers, as did the film’s writer, Will Reiser, when he got cancer and lived to tell the tale. This actually looks to be one of the few films that doesn’t deal with the big C in a maudlin way, and perhaps that’s because it takes an approach to terminal illness we don’t see much, that is, young cancer victims (Gordon-Levitt plays a 27-year-old). Of course, the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Gordon-Levitt is reason enough to get your butt to theatre when it comes out next week.