Weekly movie trailer roundup: George Clooney gets screwed – twice!

George Glooney stars in two of the majorest motion pictures to hit theaters this Fall, and while the films couldn’t be more different (a family drama and a political thriller), they do have one thing in common: George Clooney gets screwed. In THE IDES OF MARCH, which opens on October 7th, Clooney plays an upright presidential candidate whose press secretary, played by Ryan Gosling, turns against him right before the Ohio primaries, threatening his entire campaign. Does the aptly chosen title ring a bell to anyone? The phrase was made popular by Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, and refers to the date that Caesar was killed, or rather assassinated, when he was stabbed (23 times) to death in the Roman Senate by a group of conspirators and fellow politicians. The trailer for IDES OF MARCH doesn’t include any such scene, but while political backstabbing may have become less bloody, it’s not any less treacherous.

In THE DESCENDANTS, which opens November 23rd, Clooney gets shafted again, this time by his wife, who he discovers has been cheating on him. The news is made worse by the fact that his daughter is the one to tell him, and all this after he rallies the family together to support his wife through her recovery from a boating accident. In the trailer there’s a lot of crying and a lot of “way-to-go-Dad,” as if he’s also failing his kids and basically Clooney’s got it pretty rough. So does he run to the hospital and giver her what-for or suck it up for the sake of the family or take off into the Hawaiian sunset? If Alexander Payne’s past films are any indication (SIDEWAYS, ABOUT SCHMIDT, ELECTION), he’s probably going to make Clooney suffer plenty before granting him the teensiest dose of bittersweet redemption. I predicts lots of hugging of family members and lots of medium shots of Clooney’s handsomely furrowed brow.