Weekly movie trailer roundup: FOOTLOOSE vs. FOOTLOOSE

The first thing you’re going to notice about these two trailers for FOOTLOOSE is that only one of them actually uses the song “Footloose,” by Kenny Loggins. You know the song – it’s the one that was written for the movie, was named after it and the lyrics basically spell out the plot. Guess which trailer uses it? The original, that’s right. What, could the sad sack remake not get the rights to the movie’s title track? Or was this a conscious move that someone who’s probably since been fired thought was an ‘edgy’ choice?

Let’s look at some of the other disparities. The director of FOOTLOOSE 2011 is Herbert Ross, who you may know form HUSTLE & FLOW and BLACK SNAKE MOAN, but probably not. The director of the original is Herbert Ross. Maybe you’ve heard of his other work, like GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS, PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM, THE SUNSHINE BOYS, THE GOODBYE GIRL AND STEEL freaking MAGNOLIAS.

The remake stars Kenny Wormald (dude, ever heard of stage name?) as Ren McCormack, who – the last time I checked – is six degrees of absolutely nothing. Watch the two trailers and tell me which one starts off with some boot shakin’ guitar twang that makes you actually want to cut loose on the dance floor and which one makes you want to lose your lunch in a trash can.