Turn your LinkedIn profile into a groovy infographic

My annual resume update is a source of frustration, anxiety and quiet terror. “Should I include all these high school retail jobs?” I ask myself. “What will my potential employers think about Calibri?” “Is using two separate columns cool, or trying too hard?’” But fear no more, weary job seekers: a handy new web app makes the process of designing your resume a simple (and strangely addictive) process. By “syncing up” – for lack of a more technical phrase – with your LinkedIn profile, Visualize.Me converts your professional, educational and skill-specific experience into a super cool infographic. Suddenly, your complicated degree-seeking process is summed up in a handy pink timeline; The brevity of a misguided waitressing stint at Denny’s articulated by a tiny dot in the pie chart of your otherwise respectable professional life.

Best of all are the terrific templates you get to choose from (only six, for now, but I’d bank on that expanding soon), which range from fairly-groovy to subdued and stylish. My personal favorite: the elegant “Lola,” which conjures up your employment and education history in a series of wave-like bars. Colors, fonts and background colors are all totally customizable to your tastes (though, frankly, I rather like the ones they’ve picked).