The coolest presentation of sex survey results ever

Lists of survey percentages can feel so blah on the page, even when they’re about sex. Not anymore! Introducing The Sexualizer 1000, an interactive visualization of the twenty-question sex survey results of 1,000 Brits. (And the fact that it’s about UK citizens only makes it slightly less interesting). The Sexualizer, an offshoot of the Sexperience website from the Channel 4 Sex Education Show, allows you to ask questions and follow each individual’s response:

What’s the favourite sexual position of iPhone users in the North? Do country music lovers over 55 prefer to do it in the dark? Did you know that of the 167 people who have had sex in their parents bed, 62 shop at Tesco and 10 now drive a BMW?

Be sure to play around with the filters on the righthand side for optimal time-sucking.