JY CINEMASHUP – All the President’s Boys from Jeff Yorkes on Vimeo.

I can’t get enough of this “cinemashup” by Jeff Yorkes that re-edits scenes from ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN with the Beastie Boys punk-rap “Sabotage,” a song which Pitchfork argued: “Whyyyyyyyyy?!?” – surely the single greatest utterance of that word in the history of pop music. As an American political history junkie growing up (I know, I know. The ladies weren’t too impressed either) I was obsessed with this film, which starred Dustin Hoffman and our own Dear Leader around these parts, Robert Redford. Overlaid with the Beastie Boys’ aggressive song, the film’s already taut tone goes into overdrive. What seems so disparate on paper makes perfect sense when you watch the video, reinforced by the second line of the song that screamingly makes it such a natural fit for the film: “I’m gonna set it straight this Watergate.”