Run for your life – it's the shredded newspaper man!

I really love this new costume/sculpture “We are all here to do what we are all here to do,” by Fabio Lattanzi Antinori and Alicja Pytlewska. Resembling something that emerged from the imaginations of Maurice Sendak and Guillermo del Toro, it was constructed using “shredded newspapers found around East London” and is perhaps an unsubtle visual metaphor for the declining state of the traditional print news industry and the ongoing Murdoch/News International phone hacking scandal. I doubt this was intentional, but the costume also strongly resembles of the camouflage Ghillie suit worn by military snipers, which carries its own implications. Or perhaps Antinori and Pytlewska were inspired by Nick Cave’s recent “Sound Suits?” Any way you look at it, it’s a compelling – and kinda spooky – object d’art.