Political rock-paper-scissors

Our design crush Christoph Niemann‘s latest illustration for his Abstract Sunday art column in the New York Times Sunday Magazine takes the hand gesture game of “rock, paper, scissors” and updates it for the modern political era. If kids can use this classic game to settle disputes such as who gets the last piece of pie (I will fight you to the death if it’s strawberry rhubarb) or as a tie breaker in the game of shotgun aka who-gets-the-front-seat, then perhaps it can work for the gridlocked politicians in Washington by following some of these new additional gestures invented by Niemann. I feel like President Obama has been using a lot of “pretty please with a cherry on top.” Not permitted: the middle finger.

Speaking of shotgun, the Wikipedia entry on it is interesting, or rather, the origin behind the phrase “riding shotgun” is: “The expression was applied originally to the movie depiction of stagecoaches and wagons in the Wild West, in danger of being robbed or attacked. An employee or passenger would sit beside the driver, carrying a shotgun or rifle, to provide an armed response in case of threat to the cargo or passengers.” Today that’s called ride or die!