Now playing on Sundance Channel: NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS

Any movie with full frontal male nudity in the first five minutes is automatically a winner in our book. And that’s what you get with 2008′s NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS, the last in September’s “Lover’s Lounge” series on the Sundance Channel (airing Saturday night/Sunday morn, September 25th at 12:45am and again at Tue night/Wed morn at 2:30am – set your Tivos). There’s a few uber-realistic sex scenes in the flick, one of which is so realistic it’s actually painful to watch. That can actually be said for the entire movie, which documents a long-distance love affair under strain: the awkward moments of sharing deep thoughts, throwing adult temper tantrums, engaging in pillow talk nobody else should hear. Shot very naturalistically, NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS has that car-crash quality you just can’t turn away from, no matter how cringe-worthy the intimate moments get. What also keeps your attention is the utterly watchable Greta Gerwig, starring as the female lead (she was the ditz in BAGHEAD and the Debbie downer in GREENBERG). Joe Swanberg plays opposite (with a questionable goatee for half of it). The two also wrote, directed and produced it together. You’ll wonder if you’re watching a movie or home videos. View the trailer below:

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