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Meet Unleashed by Garo's Sequinette

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There’s no way Garo could pull off his extreme and outrageous designs (working, flapping wings, anyone?) without an incredibly talented team. In fact, they’re such a hardworking bunch that even though Garo’s assistant, Sequinette, has been on tour in South America, she still managed to work a quick interview into her busy performance schedule so we could get to know one of the unsung heroes at Garo’s studio.

Tell me about Sequinette. Who is she and how did that persona develop?

Sequinette is a New York-based female-female drag performer. Referred to as New York’s “Pastry of Performance Art,” she uses elaborate costuming to create performances of exquisite beauty and fine-tuned absurdity.

Sequinette emerged a long time ago, when she started exploring fashion and drag as a means of expressing herself. She grew up in a small town, with almost no access to queer living or any lifestyle outside of the mainstream. Her outlet was clothing and design. When she was a teenager she experimented with sewing and creating her own looks. Eventually, she took makeup and clothing to a new level and started creating a drag look. Drawing inspiration from performers like Leigh Bowery, Klaus Nomi and Dolly Parton as well as films like WIGSTOCK and PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT, Sequinette grew into the nightlife creature she is today.

Who do you consider to be the most influential burlesque and drag performers?

International Chrysis, Julie Atlas Muz, Jackie Beat, Lady Bunny, Armen Ra, Dirty Martini, Leigh Bowery, Klaus Nomi and Dolly Parton.

By now we’ve all seen a couple of episodes of Unleashed by Garo. So tell us: what’s Garo like and what’s it like to work with him?

For the most part, Garo is a pleasure to work with. He’s always an innovative problem solver and open to any ideas clients bring him, no matter how impractical or bizarre they may seem. He is truly dedicated to his work and to his craft. His standards for quality are uncompromising and he will not allow anything to leave the studio until it’s perfect. He’s a strong personality and can, at times, be difficult in his demands, but for the most part working with him is a very inspiring experience.