Marina Abramovic: the video game experience

In the overlapping center of a Venn diagram between the art and video game world is this 8-bit side-scrolling online game adaptation developed by Pippin Barr of Marina Abramovi?’s live installation, “The Artist Is Present,” which was presented earlier this year at MoMA. In one of the more buzzed about art exhibits this year, Abramovi? sat silent and still in the atrium of the MoMA, where visitors lined up for the opportunity to sit across from her, thus “becoming participants in the artwork.” Of course, due to its popularity, combined with the lack of any time restriction on how long people could sit with the artist, meant long lines for museum visitors (not Alexander McQueen-long, but long nonetheless). Pippin’s brilliant (and hilarious from a meta perspective) game, which spread viral rapidly, digitally recreates the experience of waiting to sit across from Abramovi? and stare back at her. What’s great is how literal the game is. For instance, if you try to play the game outside of MoMA’s actual hours, you’ll only get as far as the museum doors before being notified that it’s closed.