London pop-up cinema built from junked refrigerators

I can’t say for certain if Olympic fever has hit yet in Great Britain (I haven’t been there recently), but I’m pretty sure that many Londoners were glad to see Fridge Mountain make way for the site of the 2012 games. Fridge Mountain (in Hackney) was exactly what you’re picturing: a 20-ft. pile of discarded refrigerators that supposedly “towered” over the surrounding neighborhood. I’d expect most don’t miss it much, but American student Lindsey Scannapieco, who never saw the “mountain” itself, found the idea of it inspirational.

This Summer, with business partner Mat Triebner and “an army of incredible people,” Lindsay opened Films on Fridges, a pop-up cinema designed to “explore the juxtaposition of the old, gritty industrial Hackney and the regeneration of the area in time for the Olympics.” Located in sight of the new stadium for the Games, Films on Fridges showed sports-themed movies (think ROCKY, BREAKING AWAY and COOL RUNNINGS) in a structure constructed mostly from 150 old refrigerators. Conceived of as both “educational and playful,” the temporary installation was meant not only to bring past and near-future together, but also to serve as an unusual reminder of the usefulness of things we often deem fit for throwing away.

If you didn’t catch a film there by mid-August, you’re out of luck – that’s when their season ended. But the team did take plenty of pictures and shared them in a gallery on their website, and on the project’s Facebook page. If you were one of the lucky few who did get to see a sports flick while sitting among (and even on) reused fridge parts, let us know about the experience.

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Image credit: Matt from London at Flickr under a Creative Commons license