Green tech finds, 9/8/11

Harvesting runner power, turning plastic back into oil and becoming a (virtual) upcycling magnate: your green tech finds for the week.

Charge your phone with your shoes: If you run or walk regularly, you’re creating mechanical energy that’s going to waste. The Instep Nanopower concept offers a way to capture that power and transfer it to electronic devices via wi-fi. (via Inhabitat and @EcoverUS)

Become a Trash Tycoon on Facebook: Tired of Farmville? Guerillaapps new Facebook-based social game Trash Tycoon (which is sponsored by upcycling company Terracycle) gives you the opportunity to build a virtual recycling empire. (via Crisp Green)

Oil rig escape pods reused as hotel rooms: And you thought shipping containers were unusual! Upcycling architect Denis Oudendijk has transformed oil rig escape pods into unique (but pretty spartan) hotel rooms. (via Grist and Treehugger)

Helsinki scores super-green data center: IT company Atos plans to build a water-cooled data center in Helsinki, Finland, that will also share the heat it generates. (via Good News from Finland)

Closed landfill now renewable energy park: Landfill gas is the most common way of generating energy from dumps, but Madison, New York’s capped landfill will also generate solar power with a unique closure system that captures energy from sunlight. (via Earth Techling)

Turning plastic back into oil: Okay, some might argue this skirts the edges of “green,” but it’s an interesting development. Ohio-based Vadexx Energy has developed a process to turn wastes like plastics, tires and synthetic tires back into oil. (via GOOD and @Bennuworld)

Apple as a solar game-changer?: Among the many patents issued to Apple and co-founder Steve Jobs are two for solar technology. Katie Fehrenbacher at Gigaom argues that the computer and electronics company is positioned to revolutionize solar charging for gadgets should it move seriously into the space.

Lots of good ones this week, but you may have done even better. If so, show us up in the comments.


Image credit: Sheffield Tiger at Flickr under a Creative Commons license