Green tech finds, 9/29/11

Lots of green tech on wheels this week: Ford’s concept e-bike, Peugeot’s tiny electric car, and the Air Force’s big move towards EV adoption.

Ford getting into the bicycle business? Maybe: the company released an e-bike concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The frame weighs in at a very light 5.5 pounds, and the electric assist motor can run for 53 miles. (via Matter Network and Rodale)

The printed bicycle: The Aerospace Innovation Centre‘s bicycle concept on display at the London Design Festival is made from nylon and created by a process similar to 3D printing. The result: a lightweight frame that’s supposedly as strong as steel. (via Do the Green Thing)

Old jumbo jet as building material: Architect David Hertz purchased a decommissioned 747 in order to reuse the materials for building a client’s home. The toughest part: all the licensing (which took a year and a half). (via Grist)

Los Angeles Air Force base moving to 100% electric vehicles: The military continues to impress on the green front – Los Angeles AFB will replace all of its general purpose vehicles with EVs. (via Crisp Green)

So, what’s that plant? Need help identifying a plant or animal species? Finnish web service LuontoPortti (NatureGate) is designed to not only help users identify species indigenous to the Scandinavian country, but also to chart them by their habitats. (via Good News from Finland).

Turning textile effluent into clean water: The discharge from textile plants can be pretty nasty (one of numerous dirty secrets of the fashion industry). Swedish doctoral student Maria Jonstrup may have figured out a way to clean up that effluent through a combination of biological and chemical processes. (via ecouterre)

Peugeot rolls out tiny electric urban vehicle: Tiny EVs designed for city driving are all the rage – at least at the conceptual level. Peugeot’s the latest to join the trend. It’s Velv stands out for its three-passenger capacity.

Walls of light: Philips is partnering with Kvadrat Soft Cells to develop something like a “light-emitting wallpaper”: LEDs integrated into acoustical panels. The technology could emit ambient light, or even display content. (via Greentech Pastures)

Wheeled or not, we’d to love to find out what you found this week on the green tech front. Let us know in the comments.


Image credit: Ford