EARonic cases turn your iPhone into an awesome gag

In my opinion, the mobile tech market could really use a few more gag accessories. Forget all that “elegant design” stuff – we use these things all day long, so surely there’s an opportunity for a little humor. Isn’t that, like, the whole premise of “Seinfeld?” Finding comedy in the mundane? Which is why I so appreciate these fairly ridiculous new iPhone cases by Daniela Gilsanz. Printed with images of various ears – some studded with piercings, others sprouting long gray hairs or growing into beards – the “EARonic” cases blend into a user’s face to create the illusion of phone-lessness. According to her website, Gilsanz came up with the concept while working on her art school portfolio. The initial EARonic product mock-up came into being while sketching ears – a prompt specified in one of the applications.

Having recently purchased my first iPhone, friends and coworkers will attest that it rarely leaves the side of my skull, no doubt sending vicious, tumor-causing radiation beams directly into my brain. Gilsanz’ cases may not protect against radiation, but hopefully they could relieve, if only slightly, the equally toxic “iPhone Asshole” impression that I tend to give off.