Deck of cards honoring NYC creative royalty

Class up your next poker game and pay homage to some of the artists, writers, thinkers and provocateurs who injected New York City’s DNA, either directly or indirectly with their creative genius with these casino quality playing cards from Shipley & Halmos. Who said gambling can’t also be both inspiring and educational?

Speaking of inspiring, on Wednesday, I went to the opening of Richard Serra’s new sculptures at Gagosian gallery, and like many of his installations, his show didn’t disappoint (nor did the free ice cream outside). I can’t get enough of the visceral vertigo feeling I feel whenever I meander through his steel sculptures because it evokes a sensation that I rarely experience in my everyday life. That sensation makes me feel absolutely alive. My heart also exploded with excitement when I had my second sighting in 2011 (first was at this year’s Armory Show) of my hero Chuck Close. He was gracious enough to pose for a photo.