Cirque du Soleil performers: before-and-after

Los Angeles Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin took these portraits of the talented performers in the new LA-based Cirque du Soleil show “Iris,” before and after their make-up and costume transformations (like Caroline Lauzon, pictured above). There’s something so consistently fascinating about before-and-after photograph (which is probably why it’s a staple in the direct marketers’ tool bag, as in all those weight loss, anti-acne and hair loss infomercials). While we understand that there’s a technical explanation for how the transformation took place, we’re still always amazed at the makeover. On a slight tangent, but related to hair loss, one of my favorite jokes on this topic was delivered by comic Sheng Wang: ”I’m a positive person. To me going bald isn’t about hair loss. It’s about FACE GAIN. It’s exciting.”