Best of Kickstarter, 9/12: THE HAPPY FILM

We’re starting off the week with a new Kickstarter projects so good we’re not including any others. What am I talking about, you ask? What’s this Best of Kickstarter thing we’ve been blogging about every Monday? Well, it seems like everyone is pitching their idea to Kickstarter. We think that’s great, but with great power comes great responsibility, and while the 23-person Kickstarter team does their best to filter out the winning projects from the thousands and thousands of proposals they receive, there are still hundreds of thousands of new projects that launch each week. That’s a lot of ways to spend your hard-earned five bucks. Too many ways, actually. How can one person sort through it all? Relax, we’ll do it all for you.

Okay, so remember when I told you about Stefan Sagmeister’s latest project, THE HAPPY FILM? Of course you do (just nod politely to validate me)! And remember when I said you should contribute, so you went to the website and looked around all confused because you couldn’t find the ‘donate now’ button? Well, live in confusion no longer, my friend. The happy dudes behind THE HAPPY FILM have now made it really easy for us to help them fund their movie by making it an official Kickstarter project.

“I’ve been working on the subject of happiness for quite a long time,” Sagmeister says. This may seem like a charmingly simplistic sentence, but imagine if you could stop everything and concentrate on your own personal happiness for a couple of months, and then take what you’ve learned and give it to the world? Over the next several months, Sagmeister will do just that (well, he won’t stop everything but he will work on being happy in a very organized and dedicated way) to see if it’s possible to train your mind towards happiness just like you can train your body. Consider the film as your personal happiness trainer – and if you donate to support it, Stefan will send you a signed poster and a flash drive of the film when it’s completed.