Berliner Liste: 126 galleries in an old power plant

Continuing their recent tradition of up-cycling abandoned nuclear centers, Berlin hosted a three-day art fair, dubbed Berliner Liste, in a former power plant with works from 126 galleries in 26 different countries. For those of you who didn’t see my review of Wunderland Kalkar, the amusement park operating inside a giant nuclear reactor, Germany announced it will close all of its nuclear facilities by 2022, many of them repurposed as public centers. So, this is kind of their thing.

Since its establishment in 2004, Berliner Liste has become the highlight of Germany’s gallery season, and it’s by far the biggest fair of its kind in the country. With everything from sculpture and painting to video and performance art, the exhibit is designed to be a comprehensive showcase of the newest and most exciting talents in the art world. It’s so huge that walking through it can be a pretty overwhelming experience. But some highlights to make a bee-line for include the work of Vincent Boussorez, a tilt-shift photographer who assembles tiny toy figurines onto (seemingly colossal) pieces of cheese or ash trays. Or the controversial Mortem Viskum, who infamously mounted a tiny hamster onto an elaborate gold cross.

Open through Monday, there’s still time to hop on a red-eye, shove a Bratwurst down our gullet and hit the Liste in style. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll just gaze at airfare on Expedia, wishing you were the kind of person who suddenly got on airplanes for the sake of art.