Back to (old) school

It’s back to school time. That means many college students are already on campus and many student newspapers are already in full publishing swing, including the University of Richmond’s “Collegian,” which just last week published a little gem of an opinion piece entitled “A Letter to Women,” in which the author promotes the old she-dresses-like-a-slut-so-she-deserves-it philosophy and condemns women for enjoying sex. It’s the kind of thing we would have expected to read in our college papers years ago, but thought that the more sex-positive, gay-friendly, post-feminist kids of the 21st-century had totally gotten over. Apparently not. Is the sort-of South still that far behind? Or does the religious backlash against progress still hold serious sway over some college-age kids? We’re at least happy to see a (mostly) intelligent and thoughtful smackdown happening in the comments section. Go Spiders!