Autotune mash-up of Stephen Hawking and his science buds

I know the autotuned thing jumped the Internet shark awhile ago, but I couldn’t not share this “musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles,” created by sampling autotuned clips from science documentaries that examine the minute and infinitesimal quantum world and universe. It stars Morgan Freeman, host of “Through the Wormhole” (a regular in my TV watching rotation), along with an impressive roster of visionary scientists, such as my favorite: CUNY professor and co-founder of string field theory, Prof. Michio Kaku. Of course Stephen Hawking, the godfather of them all, makes an appearance kind of like JT at a N’Sync reunion tour. The final result of the “Symphony of Science” is pretty damn catchy, educational, and inspiring. Girl Talk needs to add this song to his mash-up list.