Animated edibles by Alexandre Dubosc

Alimation from Alexandre DUBOSC on Vimeo.

My interest in baked goods was already pretty keen without there being a cultural incentive to drool in their direction. For his new short film, “Alimation,” French visual artist Alexandre Dubosc crafted a series of edible “zoetropes,” or moving illusions for this year’s Annency International Animated Film Festival. With everything from fresh crepes to elaborate, multi-tier cakes, the film is as mesmerizing as it is mouth-watering.

The basic technique for animating Dubosc’s tantalizing treats was to spin them like gyroscopes, giving movement to the exquisite candy decorations strategically placed on top. Suddenly, a seemingly simple cake festooned with M&Ms and Mike & Ikes is transformed into a psychedelic spinning wheel; A crazy, tart-like creation smothered in raspberries and orange sugar appears to burst into flame as it begins to spin. But by far my favorite animated treat is the spectacular vanilla cake that closes the film. Crowned with a solid chocolate hen and swirling spirals of eggs, each rotation of the cake reveals the life-cycle of the egg as it falls over the edge, hatching open to reveal (implausibly, though we won’t critique the film for its biological flaws) a bunny rabbit, who hops away through cascades of chocolate frosting.

With Halloween approaching, I find myself wondering if there’s a simple way to duplicate Dubosc’s spectacular technique in time to impress my small cousins. Forget cupcakes or cake-pops: maybe the next big trend in baked goods is animation.