Weekly Kickstarter Picks, 8/15/11

We’re starting off the week with our second batch of donation-worthy Kickstarter projects. What’s this all about, you ask? Well, it seems like everyone is pitching their idea to Kickstarter. We think that’s great, but with great power comes great responsibility, and while the 23-person Kickstarter team does their best to filter out the winning projects from the thousands and thousands of proposals they receive, there are still literally tens of thousands of new projects that launch each week. That’s a lot of ways to spend your hard-earned five bucks. Too many ways, actually. How can one person sort through it all? Relax, we’ll do it all for you, starting right now with this week’s Kickstarter Picks.

First, we’d like to give a shout out to the Design & Thinking documentary, which reached it’s funding last week, and with nineteen days left to go it’s steadily racking up the contributions. The title comes from the phrase Design Thinking, “a term that arose to distinguish between what others think of as design, which is usually just the surface, to the thinking behind it. Thinking is something you do first, then you make.” (Sounds kind of like what the team over at Quirky is up to.)

Darshan – Photographic series on Indian Deities: When it comes to honoring Indian gods you’ve got temples, statues, carvings, weavings and painting but no photographs. Indian-born, New York-based photographer Marjari Sharma wants to change that with her “Darshan” series of painstakingly created images of the nine Indian deities. So far she’s completed one image, but hiring set designers, painters, actors, carpenters and photo assistants to stage her god-like scenes is expensive, and she’s asking for $20,000 to complete four more photographs. At just over $15,000, she’s almost there. Her pledge gifts are pretty good, too. For the hundred-dollar level you not only get some Maa Laxmi swag, but a 100 gram bag of her Mom’s homemade secret recipe Garam Masala.

MicroHome: An app that allows you to control the amount of energy used in your home or office. You can even give your A/C a budget, preventing it from racking up more than, say, $200 in energy bill (a feature that would have really come in handy with my $300+ A/C bill last month). With 23 days to go, MicroHome only at $15 of its $5,000 goal. Let’s show MicroHome some love!

And now for an update on the two projects we featured last week. So far the Opera Kids documentary has raised $3,000 more, leaving them $12,000 shy of their goal with just one week left to go. And YouTurn is a honking $40,000 short, but it’s still got forty days.

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