The Art of the Menu

The Art of the Menu is a new blog from the people at one of my favorite design websites, Under Consideration. Collecting and highlighting interesting and unique menus from restaurants around the country with a succinct review on the sidebar, it’s like “” for foodies and design snobs. Now, if restaurants could only fix their obsession with Flash and PDF menus on their horrible websites (hat tip @MichaelSurtees for this observation).

The blog is still a little light on submissions, but it shows a lot of potential. As a former sports trading card collector back when I thought my 1989 Upper Deck complete set including Ken Griffey Junior’s rookie card would fund my college education (and instead experienced my first speculative bubble burst), I’m especially partial to the kitschy menus at Portland, Oregon’s “Spirit of 77″ that “come in sports memorabilia acrylic displays and as a set of badly Photoshop’d trading cards.”

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