Stop-motion trip of a lifetime

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Australian auteur Rick Mereki and Tim White created this wonderful travel video titled MOVE, commissioned by STA Australia, that has rapidly gone viral around the tubes of the Internet. Starring one lucky dude Andrew Lees, these guys traveled a total of 38,000 miles to 11 countries over the course of 44 days. I recommend just clicking on the play button above and watching it for the first time without any spoiler explanation. That said, I love the way their editing rapidly stitched together Andrew’s time in various locales around the world, some familiar and others not, into one coherent movement that underscores our shared connectivity despite our vast differences.

I do think their concept has to give a hat tip to the original Where the Hell is Matt video (38 million-plus views on YouTube and counting) which accomplished something similar in 2008.