Scandybars satisfies an electronic sweet tooth

While enjoying my ritual Green & Black’s dark cherry chocolate bar, it never occurred to me to stop mid-chew, turn on the scanner (that I don’t actually have), slap my tasty treat on the glass and reveal its delicious innards to the blogosphere. Thankfully, it did occur to the author of the fascinating new Tumblr, Scandybars, who – in the tradition of its predecessor, Scanwiches – makes delicate slices in familiar sweets to expose the artistic compositions contained in their cross-sections.

While the concept seems simple enough, I keep finding myself compulsively clicking through the myriad munchies featured on the site, kind of in a demented, sugar-crazed e-binge. Who could have foreseen, for example, the aesthetic charm of a Crunch bar chopped to reaveal its crispy contents? Or the unusual ring-like patterns contained in (my favorite) Pretzel M&Ms?

Surely, some of the gooier confections must prove a challenge to chop, like the soft insides of a Malo Cup or the liquid caramel center of a Baby Ruth. Somehow, though, the author has developed a slicing technique delicate enough to contain the texture and create clean, elegant images (I can only imagine how much Windex is required to clean that glass scanner bed). However he/she does it, the editor has successfully created something possibly more addictive than its subject matter. I just hope I don’t develop iDiabetes.