Ezra Shaw's unique perspective on divers

This photo series, published in The Wall Street Journal and snapped by Getty Images photographer Ezra Shaw at the 14th FINA World Championships, would be smack in the middle of a Venn diagram charting fans of sports, photography, and “LOLs.” Shaw pointed his lens at the these graceful divers and presented viewers with a slightly different perspective on the sport with a hilarious (unintentional at least from the athletes’ perspective) result. Of course we admire their talents and poise as they slip into the water, like (bad analogy alert) a knife through butter, but I dare you to look at these photographs of them underwater and not laugh.

Speaking of diving, the planking phenomenon which I described earlier evolved into a water-based meme called “Leisure Diving,” which puts a decidedly sophisticated, bourgeoisie spin on the traditional cannonball dive into the backyard swimming pool. Great examples of a leisure dive can be found here.