Moscow sex museum gives the finger (amongst other body parts) to the Kremlin

photo via the Los Angeles Times

It’s one thing to open a sex museum somewhere like New York City or uber-permissive Iceland, but in Moscow? A stone’s throw from the Kremlin? Now that takes balls. The new Museum of Eroticism, the largest sex museum in Europe, is the brainchild of Alexander Donskoy, the one-time mayor of a small town near Moscow who was sent to prison and barred from politics soon after he decided to run for the presidency back in 2008 (coincidence? he thinks not).

Donskoy could be forgiven, therefore, for playing it a little safe, just to keep those balls of his out of the Russian prison system. Except he doesn’t. One of the pieces of “erotic art” on display features Putin and Obama in a fairy-tale forest, dressed as ancient tribal chiefs and poised on the verge of a sword fight, if you will. Swords fully unsheathed, in case you were wondering. A representative from the Kremlin protection unit asked Donskoy to remove the painting but he refused.

Of course, what Russian sex museum would be complete without a collection of erotic nesting dolls? Those things are practically begging to be made X-rated! Except that the ones on display were designed by an American artist. Donskoy explains, ”Russians are not free enough to make a doll like that.” And we don’t think he necessarily means free in the sixties hippie free love kind of way. We think he means they’re scared of going to jail (reasonably enough).

Putin claims, through a spokesman, that he doesn’t “have time for such rubbish” as visiting the museum. But Donskoy isn’t bothered by the dis. ”I want to help people enhance their emotions,” he says. “The Kremlin may control parliament, newspapers, television, but they can’t yet control human emotions.”