Homemade pop idol sweaters

Kottke’s guest blogger Aaron Cohen came across this ridiculously awesome find that takes kitsch to a whole new level and is insane in the membrane: Joanne Conklin’s homemade knit sweaters featuring pop stars and idols, such as the one above for Vanilla Ice. Conklin explains:

“We were living in Germany at the time and bands like New Kids On The Block were huge with the teen set. However, there were no fan t-shirts to be found anywhere, so I decided to knit sweaters. I made one for my daughter, then her friends, and word-of-mouth spread and the next thing you know I’d knit over a hundred of them, selling all but about six of them.”

I really respect her hustle. Today she could probably sell these for a couple hundred bucks a pop in Williamsburg. Speaking of ’90s pop culture, I was in Nashville this past weekend visiting my friend and his girlfriend. The girlfriend’s 21-year-old sister was visiting as well, and all of our references to the 90s went right over her head. Over the course of the weekend, in between being out and enjoying the fantastic offerings of Nashville (Seriously, I fell in love with it), we managed to catch parts of the following classics: BACK TO THE FUTURE 1 and 2, and THE KARATE KID. The younger sister had never seen any of these so we felt it was our moral obligation and duty to make sure she was educated about these three seminal cinematic masterpieces.