Dot drawing of Mona Lisa

Melbourne-based graphic designer Thomas Pavitte created an ongoing bucket list of creative endeavors he wants to accomplish, including setting a Guinness world record. Not finding a record for the most complex dot-to-dot drawing, Pavitte created this drawing of Mona Lisa from 6,239 dots, which is a slightly more advanced version of the dot drawing activity pages in the Highlights magazines that I used to read as a child. It took Pavitte nine hours to link together all the dots (see a time lapse video of him in action here). The completed drawing looks abstract up close but becomes clearer the further away you stand.

Pavitte should open source this project and allow frazzled parents to download and print it as a deviously ingenious way to keep their kid occupied for nine hours. Actually, who am I kidding? Just give the kid an iPad and they’re busy for the rest of the day. On the opposite end of the spectrum is this Mona Lisa reduced to exactly “140 exact circular characters of colour.”