#BikeNYC photo series

Flickr’s official blog highlighted Dmitry Gudkov’s photo project titled “#BikeNYC” that was inspired by his own personal transformative experience with how he engaged with New York City after he purchased a bicycle. He became curious about his fellow bicyclists and reached out to them, first through Twitter (hence the hashtag origin of the photo series’ name) and began snapping portraits of New Yorkers with their bikes along with an accompanying profile. He explains:

“Either you’re a spandex-wearing roadie or else a trendy, entitled hipster. I hope that my project, by showing the great diversity of normal people using a bike for transportation, can be a small help in showing that bikes are a legitimate and needed form of transportation, and that the city has an interest in promoting biking and making it safer for everyone.”

Browsing through the photoset, Gudkov does an excellent job of capturing the wide spectrum of New Yorkers, reflecting the diversity that makes this city so wonderful. And I can relate to his experience of how a bike opened up a whole new part of living in this city. I underwent the same joyful sense of discovery after I got a bike last summer. It’s a beauty, made by a company called Linus, so I named it “Linus Richie” (Pun always intended!). After living in New York City for over eight years I thought I’d seen and done everything here. The bike proved me wrong.