Alternative music video for "Otis"

OTIS video from j lowe on Vimeo.

Last Thursday Jay Z and Kanye released the highly anticipated music video for the single “Otis” from their new collaborative album Watch the Throne (listen to the stream of the full album here). The video featuring the requisite models and a custom Maybach predictably mirrors the two rappers’ lifestyle of, to quote Thorstein Veblen (and my high school economics teacher would be so proud of me for remembering this), “conspicuous consumption.”

As a guilty pleasure it’s enjoyable, but I’m much more partial to the above alternative music video created by Justin Lowe, that stars two of my favorite childhood characters from the THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS (nostalgic high five to those of you old enough to remember this awesome movie). But even if you’re not familiar with it, The Internet should still love this alt music video because it has one thing that The Internet apparently can’t get enough of: Cats.