THE HAPPY FILM, support the new doc by Stefan Sagmeister

What does it mean to be happy? How do we measure it? Is happiness like a muscle we can flex at will, and if so, “is it possible to train our mind in the same way we train our bodies?” A short while ago, artist and designer Stefan Sagmeister decided to put these questions to the test with a three-part practice involving meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy and prescription drugs – and then make a documentary about his experience called THE HAPPY FILM. Through experiments and explorations “from the sublime to the ridiculous” loosely based on his pivotal book “Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far,” Stefan will test “once and for all if it’s possible for a person to have a meaningful impact on their own happiness.”

So far only part of the documentary has been made because, um, therapy is expensive and the extensive psychological mind-fuck Stefan plans to embark on costs serious cash. That reminds me. What are you doing this Thursday, at, like, 7pm? Want to join me at a fundraiser for the project? It’ll be great – you and me and a bunch of likeminded strangers craning our necks skyward while Stefan (who’s like 20 feet tall) talks and we listen enraptured, after which he’ll treat us to a bit of what he and his team recently went to Bali to shoot. You can see some of that footage in the trailer, aka one minute of solid gold happiness thanks to a bunch of awesomely cute animals who use food to build the words THE HAPPY FILM. Seriously, if the trailer doesn’t make you happy then you, more than anyone else, need to see to it that this documentary gets made.