The art of flawed functional products

For his art project titled “Err,” Jeremy Hutchison contacted various factories around the world manufacturing various products with a seemingly bizarre request: make him a non-functional version of their product. There’s obviously a deeper subtext here, as he explains below, but on surface I can’t get over how hilarious they look, such as these sunglasses made by Wenzhou Yidao Optical Company located in Wenzhou, China. As part of the exhibit, the artist included his correspondence with these factories.

“[Err is] about creating deliberate miscommunication [and] forging a moment of poetry within a hyper-efficient system of digital exchange. It’s about an invisible global workforce, and their connection to the relentless regurgitation of stuff. It’s about Duchamp and the readymade, but updated to exist within the context of today’s globalised economy. It’s about the rub between art and design, the mass-produced and unique, the functional and the dysfunctional.”