Potato chip, meet chocolate

Watch some sweet chocolate on potato chip action.

The salty-sweet thing is officially as ubiquitous as the time-honored PB & J sandwich, and everyone has their own favorite combo, be it the humble street cart kettle corn, sea salt caramels, chocolately-nutty granola bars or, my personal indulgence, dipping pretzels into buttery, rich Nutella. One time I even saw a guy pour one of those movie theatre concession-sized boxes of M&M’s into a big ol’ bag of popcorn. “Ooh,” his date cooed, “you do that salty-sweet thing, too?” The pairings can get downright bizarre. I won’t even go into the retch-inducing chocolate-covered pickle-on-a-stick I once saw a street fair, but it’s safe to say that the combinations are seemingly endless.

The latest crowd fav comes from Chuao Choclatiers, whose potato chip chocolate bar is just the sort of highbrow take on lowbrow food that Chef Ludo loves (did you catch his Cilantro and Red Chile Powder Kettle Corn in last week’s episode?) The chocolate bars are handmade using all-natural, kettle-cooked potato chips that are lightly salted, broken into pieces and mixed into Chuao’s “custom blend of 41% milk chocolate.” The result is like the salty version of a big chocolate wafer.

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