Certify it: the Clean Green Certified standard for organic marijuana

If you’re a good treehugger, you always look for USDA Organic certification on food and personal care products, the FSC label on paper and wood products, and the Green Seal on cleaning products. But if you happen to enjoy recreational medicinal horticultural products, caveat emptor dictates your purchases. There’s no way to know the growing practices that produced that dimebag, right?

If weed isn’t legal in your state in any case, yes. But if growers and sellers operate in a state with medical marijuana laws, they’ve got an option for labeling product grown according to organic standards. The Clean Green Certified program, which has been around since 2004, offers certification for marijuana grown in line with the national organics program. Founder Chris Van Hook told Fast Company last week that his program parallels the USDA program so closely that “if the USDA were to say tomorrow that you can get cannabis certified as organic, everyone who is Clean Green Certified could roll right in.”

Obviously, legalities prevent this program from spreading too far (it’s only operating in California at this point), but for growers that abide by state and local laws, Clean Green Certified allows them to differentiate their product as “green.” Soil samples and inputs are tested, and plants are tested for their health. Growers must also implement a carbon footprint reduction plan as of this year. For growers that do use some chemical inputs, a Best Practices Certified label designates their responsible use of such products.

Okay, but do stoners really care? After all, they’re smoking/vaporizing pot in the first place (and then likely downing overly-processed baked goods to satisfy those munchies). Are health and environmental impacts really a priority? Judging from grower interest, there does seem to be demand: numerous growers and dispensaries are ponying up the licensing fees and going through the various testing to receive certification. And, of course, “stoners” aren’t the only ones that enjoy an hit of Mother Nature from time to time.

So, would you the people you know who partake be likely to to look for such a label? Let us know what you think…


Image credit: Bogdan at Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license