Miss USA's answer: should evolution be taught in schools?

One of the most enjoyable fifteen minute diversions I was forwarded last week came courtesy of the contestants for Miss USA 2011, who had to answer some tough questions as part of the competition, like have you or would you ever use an online dating service, would you be in a tasteful nude photo shoot and that burning topic of national debate that only Miss USA can decide: should evolution be taught in schools? The general consensus seemed to be that yes, it should but only as long as the Bible gets a shout out, too. Full viewing is highly recommended, but be warned that watching some of these contestants smile big as they squirm under pressure is positively excruciating, so if you want to cut to the chase here are some of the “best” responses. Be sure to see Miss Nevada’s answer around minute 9:00, as she attempts to explain how evolution can be taught as an example of how communities like Nevada have evolved from “a small community into something much bigger.” Can someone please teach her the difference between a community and an entire state?

“It’s very scientific.” – Miss Wyoming

“Facts should be stated…but when it comes to little theories and whatnot I probably want to stay away from those.” - Miss Washington

“We really don’t know where the first person came from.” – Miss Florida

“It could be an elective, I think.” – Miss Iowa

“That is such a toughie.” – Miss Missouri

“I believe it should be mentioned.” – Miss Idaho

“I feel that evolution should be taught in schools only because it’s a great subject to touch base on.” – Miss Wisconsin

And the winner is: “I don’t think you can ever have too much knowledge on any subject. That’s my personal belief. But I do feel evolution shouldn’t be taught in schools just because there are so many different views. It’s not a good subject.” – Miss Kentucky