Love Your Vagina the green way

Mooncup, the UK-based (but internationally distributed) menstrual cup, just released an old-fashioned song on YouTube called “Love Your Vagina.” They asked women to submit nicknames for their genitalia and have amassed an overwhelming list, from which the best terms were taken to make this catchy song. (Get the sheet music and lyrics here; and if you buy the song on iTunes, proceeds will go to a charity chosen by their Facebook fans). Of course the song includes many nicknames for body parts other than the vagina (a.k.a. “bouncing baby escape hatch”), like the clitoris (“little man in a canoe”), the labia (“peachy lips”), the vulva (“downtown dining and entertainment district”). As long as people know the difference, then we guess we can get behind the casual mixing and matching of terms of endearment for various anatomical parts in the same genital neighborhood if that mixing and matching ultimately encourages positive body image. So yay for secret little honey pots everywhere!

The song is clever viral marketing for a pretty green product: a reusable solution for that time of the month. Here are the environmental reasons for buying a menstrual cup (about $30) as touted by Mooncup:

  • The cotton in most sanitary products contains pesticides and bleaches.
  • On average 30 sanitary product items are found on each kilometre of British beach (Source: MCS Beachwatch 2010). Mooncup is reusable, so there’s no waste.
  • In the UK alone, we use a total of 4.3 billion disposable sanitary products per year. If every woman in the UK tried a Mooncup for even one day of their period we could reduce this number by around a fifth – that’s about 860 million fewer products ending up in landfill or on our beaches every year.