Jell-O Mold Competition winners!

The extremely awesome annual Jell-O Mold Design Competition was held in late June, but for those who didn’t attend or didn’t know it was going on (I forgive you this time), photos of the winning colorful jiggly treats have just been released and they do not disappoint. As a precursor, this is not your grandma’s Jell-O (you will see no bits of food floating in a big, bulbous, gelatinous mountain), this ain’t even Bill Cosby’s Jell-O – remember those wimpy letter molds everyone in the commercials thought were so exciting? Girl, please – you’re gonna have to try a little harder than that.

The Grand Prize went to Peter Pracilio, whose “Jelly Fishin’” fishing lures were actaully put to use on real fish on the Williamsburg waterfront, though given the East River’s murky reputation I hope he practiced catch-and-release. There was a tie for the Creativity Award between Team Urban Legend’s amazing recreation of Walt Disney’s milky white cryogenically frozen head and a real, working, gelatin-based toy piano. Electronic Jell-O is cool and all, but it doesn’t quite stand up to Disney’s frozen bust, but perhaps I’m biased by my annual pilgrimage to Disneyland (hey, it’s for adults, too!). Check out the rest of the winners, which include hot dogs, a set of dentures and taxidermy chicken and her eggs.