Green tech finds (7/21/11)

A 72,000 square foot tornado-proof (and kinda’ green) mansion, a sweet electric motorcycle, and a push for a redesigned toilet… this week’s green tech finds.

  • The mobile waste-to-ethanol unit: Easy Energy Systems‘ MEPS unit is a modular system for converting organic wastes to ethanol. Find out more about the system and its application in an interview with EES’ founder at Cleantechies.

  • Walkability as a marketing point for real estate? Apparently so…  Walkscore now boasts a presence on over 10,ooo real estate websites that “are using its neighborhood mapping and data services to market their properties.”

  • UNICEF Trick-or-Treat boxes get smart: A Halloween fixture for decades, UNICEF trick-or-treat boxes (which kids can use to raise money for the fund) now feature bar codes that allow “treaters” to make donations with their smart phones.

  • The eco(ish) and tornado-proof chateau: Concrete baron Steven Huff’s new home in the southern Missouri Ozarks will not only be tornado-proof (as it’s built out… you guessed it… concrete), but will also feature renewable energy and water collection technology. Oh, and it’s a 72,000 square-foot chateau… (via MNN)

  • Toilet 2.0: The lack of sanitation in the developing world causes a ton of health issues… but the flush toilet, with its water and infrastructure requirements, isn’t a feasible answer in many places. So, the Gates Foundation has launched Toilet 2.0, a campaign to design toilets that curb the spread of disease… and even put all that poop to work. Check out the video above. (via Grist and @ontheroadwithviv)

  • A GPS system for electric vehicle owners: Because EV batteries take so long to charge, a driver doesn’t want to waste juice. Pioneer’s AVIC-ZHO9-MEV navigation system is designed just for them: it estimates the power remaining in the car’s battery, and adjust routes based on that information. (via Gas 2.0)

  • The student-designed electric motorcycle: Industrial design student Eyal Melnick of Tel Aviv, Israel, has posted the plans for his adjustable e-bike concept, the Shavit: a rider can shift between “touring” and “sport” configurations. (via Earth Techling)

Got something better than these? Show us up… let us know what you found in the comments.