Dubious product of the decade

As the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case spirals downward into an all-too-familiar he-said-she-said situation — with blame-the-victim rumors thrown in, just for kicks — we are reminded of a product we were unfortunate enough to stumble across the other day. Sold by the Rude Dude Boxers company, our Dubious Product of the Decade is a pair of boxers featuring the slogan “Silence is Golden…Duct Tape Is Silver.” In case you didn’t get the “joke,” the boxers feature a repeating pattern of a stick-figure face with a piece of duct tape across the mouth. The site is careful not to hint at the gender of the wearer’s target with the ad copy: “There is more than one way to keep em quiet. Admit it, you know someone that you would like to share some duct tape on!” Funny stuff!  We know it’s funny because the site promises “Over 100 fun styles of men’s boxers and boxerbriefs!” (Italics ours; exclamation point theirs.) Oh, and just in case you were on the fence, these boxers are on sale now. $14.99 reduced to $10.99! What are you waiting for?!