DC Comics introduces gay characters

We’re not comics fans, but even we know DC Comics. So now that they’re introducing a bunch of gay characters this fall, it’ll be nice for us to finally have a serious counterpoint to SNL’s Ambiguously Gay Duo. According to The Advocate:

DC Comics grabbed headlines last June when the company announced its entire line of comic books would be overhauled with 52 all-new #1 issues in September. Not only would iconic characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman restart with a fresh number, but costumes and origins for the entire universe of characters would be updated as well.

The company has also taken advantage of the relaunch to establish a wider range of diversity, introducing several LGBT characters in their own titles. Apollo and Midnighter, a gay superhero couple who previously existed in DC’s alternate Wildstorm line of comics, have been incorporated into the company’s main cast of characters. They will join lesbians Batwoman, The Question, and the bisexual African-American superhero, Voodoo, in DC’s new universe.