David Lynch at his all-time creepiest

David Lynch holds a strange an undeniable power over me. No matter how disturbed his films make me and no matter how little sense they seem to make (even upon subsequent viewing and after consulting so-called Lynch buffs), I will, without hesitation, go and see whatever he lays his creeptastic hands on. And if I lived in Paris you had better believe I would find a way onto the VIP list of Club Silencio, no form of begging would be too low. After all, we’re talking about the man who brought me Agent Dale Cooper, the only detective to inspire a crush so epic I stopped putting sugar in my coffee and learned to love it black. But I’m hardly the only Lynch lover out there, and one such fan has compiled a list of “The Ten Absolute Creepiest Moments in David Lynch’s Oeuvre,” a list only a true fan could make because only a true fan could sit through all the moments that bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe, and watch them again, and again and again.

“When your name becomes an adjective, you know you’ve made it. Case in point: the word “Lynchian” now means, essentially, a movie characterized by stark images, eerie moods, arresting sound design, and often graphic and twisted depictions of the human form. In other words, it’s like watching the most beautiful nightmare you’ve ever had, torn between wanting it to end and wanting to see if it gets weirder. He’s a masterful, remarkably assured filmmaker who’s proven himself to be one of the American greats, yet even by his own special standards, the scenes below are full-on creepy. They’re dark and ominous, and they share a common fear of the unusual and unknown. Many of them are marked by the sudden appearance of something unsettling that’s made all the more so for the way it just kind of shows up in the middle of a scene that’s already surreal. Don’t know what we mean? Throw some headphones on and get comfy, then. Time for a trip down Lynch’s rabbit hole.”

Here’s the quick list. Get the full-on experience.

1. Agent Cooper’s dream in TWIN PEAKS

2. The appearance of the Navigator in DUNE

3. Frank Booth’s dry-humping fit in BLUE VELVET

4. The chat with the Mystery Man in LOST HIGHWAY

5. The figure behind the diner in MULHOLLAND DRIVE

6. The mythical origin story in THE ELEPHANT MAN

7. Club Silencio in MULHOLLAND DRIVE

8. The shooting at room 47 in INLAND EMPIRE

9. The televised rabbits in INLAND EMPIRE

10. Every single moment in ERASEREHEAD